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Abbot Mar +David Michael
St Michaels Abbey

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Federation of Jesus Abbeys
Abbot Mar +David Michael, OF, OC, OG, MEd, MS, DD, ThD

We are led by Abbot-Prophets as per the
Earliest teaching of the Holy Apostles of Jerusalem recorded in the Didache as a Syro-Chaldean Rite jurisdiction created by Pope John Paul II in 1985.

The Federation of Jesus Abbeys was birthed in 1985 as a secret project of Pope John Paul II to bring married Catholic priests back into ministry and has evolved to become a Christian Syro-Chaldean expression in these end times in the gathering of a Federation of communities called Jesus Abbeys.  

With the Apostles Creed as our confession of unity, We seek a somewhat separate life from society in becoming fully self-sufficient in LIFE (Lodging, Industry, Food & Energy).  From this sovereign freedom, we offer daily worship to YHWH in the honor of his son Y'Shua as taught to us by Y'Shua and the Apostles in Jerusalem.

We fully embrace the Holy Scriptures as our faith foundation and add the most ancient Didache (circa 50 AD) as our guide for many of our associated communities.  

Suggested Minimal Daily Schedule
Monday - Friday
8:00  Morning Prayer

    Work in Ecovillage
12:00 Midday Prayer
    Study and Ministry
5:00 Evening Prayer
7:00 Agape Meal
    Communion, Music and Testimony
    Sabbath Rest
    Visit and Teach in wider community

World Missions

North American Missions
    Abbot Mar +David Michael, Arizona, USA
South American Missions
    Abbot Mar +Sean Walsh, Peru
Pacific Islands Missions
    Abbot Mar +Kimo Keawe, Hawaii

About Mar +David Michael
Mar David Michael is a Celtic Christian monk who lives in the deserts and mountains of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah as the four-corners region of America.  He is gifted prophetically being called from the age of 12 while spending time alone on Mount Zion in Oregon seeking his life mission in YHWH. In addition to being a prophet voice and leading the School of the Prophets(  He is an ordained priest in the consecrated order of Bishops with apostolic lines to the Syro-Chaldean, Russian and Greek Orthodox jurisdictions. He is the Abbot General of the Order of the Culdee (Celtic Rite) and the Order of the Gate (Syro-Chaldean / Roman Rite).

His life now at age 60 consists largely of writing instructional prophetic books with 8 books in print ( with more in the writing. His primary focus in his recent books is to train up prophets for the end times to teach them how to effectively resist the evils of the now rising Antichrist regime.  

His work on a task force created by the Roman Church between 1985 ans 2000 has led to the establishment of the Order of the Gate although Roman in origin is Syro-Chaldean in ethos.  Mar David has been told by YHWH he will serve in the middle east sometime in the near future before the 2nd coming of Messiah Y'Shua.

The Order of the Gate was created within the Prelature of Pope John Paul II in 1986 and from its beginning has had the mission of raising up prophets to speak impartially and justly to the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit run Vatican in confronting the rise of the NWO and its Luciferian priests within the Roman structure.  

The members of this Order are the appointed 'Guardians of Jerusalem' by YHWH as sanctioned within the Papal Prelature and also supported by the exiled Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, Lynda Von Hapsburg. Documents to prove all this are held by Mar David Michael with appropriate seals and signatures.

Posted: 11/30/2015
The Orde' Franciscanus Oecumenicis (OFE) as created by us as led by a Mr. Michael Cuozzo with its membership are no longer associated with the Federation of Jesus Abbeys, the Order of the Culdee or the historic Prelature of Pope John Paul II created in 1985.  As per Orthodox Canon, this Mr. Michael Cuozzo has been 'defrocked' with any and all documents and credentials provided by us to him and the members of the OFE now being null and void.  This action was convened on the 3rd of December 2015 by the Abbot General Mar +David Michael of the Order of the Culdee who in leading this Order served on a Papal Task Force created for Married Priests by Pope John Paul II from 1985 to 2000.  Furthermore, any and all credentials provided by us to the members of the OFE related to the Order of the Gate created within the Prelature of  Pope John Paul II in 1986 are Null and Void.  

More here from YHWH concerning this rebellion of Michael Cuozzo....

Abbot-Bishop Mar David Michael, MEd, MS, DD, ThD, OC, OG, OT

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